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About Morocco Travel Itinerary tour agency:

Morocco travel itinerary is a fully independent medium-sized tour agency based in Morocco. it offers incredibly tempting Morocco private tours and itineraries across the country and it is a great chance to explore Morocco’s most popular cities such as Marrakesh, Rabat, Casablanca, Fez…In addition to the wonderful and inspiring spots and captivating views of nature, mountains, and waterfalls as well.

Interestingly enough, With our Morocco private tours get to see how Moroccans live in the desert and the kind of traditional life they lead. Especially, by booking a desert travel itinerary. Not to mention that Morocco is diverse, and therefore, many traditions and customs say a lot about each region’s history, and you will discover that by joining one of Morocco’s travel itineraries.

Morocco travel itinerary tour agency’s main goal from our Morocco travel tours is to help people interact with our culture and know more about it as well as about people sharing that culture. Regarding expertise, Our team at the Morocco travel itinerary agency has been working in the tourism industry for several years and has thankfully obtained a great deal of experience in this sector which is something great that we take pride in.

As a matter of fact, Morocco Travel itinerary has a highly qualified team of staff who will be at your service anywhere and anytime, and we also have proficient drivers, and knowledgeable tour guides who speak multiple foreign languages fluently, which is terrific. Also, you will be able to inquire about anything you want without being held back by any language barriers.

Contact us, for an unforgettable explorative journey to Morocco. Not to mention that we will ensure that you enjoy it a lot. Interestingly, we will arrange our Moroccan travel tour itinerary plan according to what you want. Do not waste time and book your travel itinerary with our tour agency. Morocco’s travel itinerary will make it the best.

Morocco Travel Itinerary agency’s best destinations

Morocco travel itinerry agency

Marrakech the red city

Our travel itineraries can start in Marrakech. The latter is one of the Imperial cities in Morocco. our travel tour itineraries will lead to seeing what it is very famous for. Basically with one of our Marrakech Morocco travel itineraries you will visit its traditional souks ( markets), and the Jamaa El-Fna square. The square is open at all hours, but we do recommend you visit it in the morning and at night time to see that it has a metamorphose.

Moreover, Marrakech Morocco travel itineraries will make sure to see Marrakech”s many interesting, and beautiful places such as the Bahia palace and The garden Majorelle. Not to mention the Saadian tombs, and the Koutoubia mosque can be visited during your Moroccan travel itinerary. Also, you can take a Moroccan tour cooking class, and try the local cuisine. With Morocco Travel Itinerary you will explore the most incredible places of Marrakech.

Casablanca: the economic capital:

With Morocco Travel Itinerary agency, we will take to discover all that Casablanca has to offer. First of all, the travel tour itinerary will take you to visit the Hassan 2 mosque, the largest mosque in Africa. It is the only mosque you can visit in Morocco for non-muslims. Besides the mosque, Rick’s cafe where the Casablanca movie was filmed is another place you can visit during your Private Moroccan tour itinerary.

Also, you can visit the Jewish cemetery. The latter is still in use today, and it’s a reminder of Casablanca’s Jewish past with French and Spanish. Moreover, the Ain Diab Coast is also a good place where you can relax during your Moroccan travel tour itinerary. Also, it has good accommodations, restaurants, and a public sandy beach.

Morocco travel itinerary in Casablanca
Morocco travel itinerary

Fes the historical city

Morocco Travel Itinerary Agency will give you a chance to discover the second largest city in Morocco Fes. The last-mentioned has the largest Madina in the world and it is easy to get lost. Not to mention that Fes has so many wonderful places to explore during one of our travel tours such as the Madrasa Bou Inania.

It is considered one of the few religious buildings non-Muslims can enter. Besides the Bou Inania, there is another one named El Attarine. Also, Fes el Bali, Tanneries, Mellah, Borj north, and the Merenid Tombs, the royal gat in the new city will be visited on your Moroccan travel tour.

Morocco travel itinerary private tours:

The Morocco Travel Itinerary agency team customized and planned our Morocco private tours below. The following travel private tour itineraries have been arranged for you to visit some of the best sites. Also, to ensure that you will not miss out on any of the details.

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