Morocco ATV Ride Tours:

ATV Quad Riding is an exciting and the most splendid thing you will ever experience; not elsewhere but in the desert of Merzouga. Wait. You will question why it is going to be the most wonderful experience. Here is the answer, Merzouga is a village in the southeast of Morocco, known for its hot weather, especially in summer; the village has stunning views, and the dunes are the keywords. The village of Merzouga is surrounded by huge golden dunes like Mountains, and it always beautifully turns out at the sunrises and sunsets when the sun comes out to say hello in the early morning or when it fades away in the evenings, like this, driving quads to have fun and to explore the area is indescribable. Moreover, you will feel yourself a VIP. 
     Our veteran staff and our team are always at your disposal; there are going to make ATV quad driving much easier for you, either you have already gotten used to it or it is your first time. No driving license is required or the previous experience. Also, our team will always provide you with any pieces of advice and suggestions to make you happy and enjoy the excitement of your journey. The trials are mostly dunes, rocky Sahara, and rivers that had run dry. Undoubtedly this is going to give you a rally driving sensation. 

One hour program:

Few instructions will be given to you on how to drive your bike, it was like taking candy from a baby on how to use your bike, and then you are ready to go. Your hour program on ATV QUAD adventure is going to start from the small town of Merzouga and it will allow you to navigate the dunes of Erg Chebbi, thereabouts 50 kilometers long straight to the Algerian borders. The one-hour Quad riding can be booked and done at any time throughout the year. The most visually striking performance you will ever see is the spectacular sunset and sunrise as you drive smoothly your Quad bike.

ATV quad biking tours Two hours program: 

Quad biking through a set of dusty, muddy, and rocky trails to the dunes, slopes, and pristine landscapes; all that is going to be unbelievable. the good news is Merzouga has something for everyone. Merzouga is well-known around the world generally, and among quad lovers in particular, as well as it is famous for its varied landscapes. Although the ATV quad riding is pretty safe to ride, some safety instructions will be given to you and precautions to consider, safety first, and we always make sure of the safety latch. Once you pay for hiring your Atv Quad bike, you have access to the whole area, which later is going to thunder with the noise of the motor engines, that is itself an enthusiastic way to get off to a good start. We will take you to discover the area. During this riding trip, we will check out the village of Merzouga and head deep into the desert. For a bit of fun, we are going to take a break from riding in one of the nomadic tents, where the nomad people live.

Three hours programs:

The good thing about ATV quad riding, and the three hours program is that you can either do it alone or in groups, taking this trip to the awesome places of the desert should be more than a fun ride. Merzouga is all about good vibes, the dunes and the trails are crazy, therefore, they are suitable for everyone, beginners, solo, and families. One thing you should be aware of is that we’ll go a bit far this way until Khamlia village, to know a bit about them and how the Saharan life is. You can spend all your time driving your favorite trails if you don’t feel safe driving others.

A full-day program of atv quad biking in Morocco:

Merzouga lives up to its fame, that is because it is well-equipped with campsites in the area and also with ATV quad bikes, it all then responds to all the requirements of visitors and provides them with the full freedom for irresistible pleasure. The full-day program is unique, where we will experience great things, starting with discovering the surrounding areas and driving on the dunes in rally way, and so on various dirty unpaved roads. Thereafter, we will go to the nearby villages inhabited by the indigenous people, most of them are nomads living in tents, and they are moving several times during the year, as well as to some simple living standards people living in villages, their living depends on growing animals and harvesting. We will then head further down to Errisani and Arfoud, two Saharan cities, beautiful and touristic, with a variety of stunning views luxury restaurants, Oases, and hotels.