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Morocco travel blog by a local travel agency, your way to discovering more about the main interesting information about Morocco.

Morocco travel blog

Landmarks & attractions

Morocco travel blog offers blog about the main Landmarks and attractions that Morocco is blessed with.

Cities & Sahara

Our travel blog is your way to discover about the most beautiful cities and desert in Morocco such as the imperial cities and Merzouga desert.

Morocco travel blog

Culture & traditions

Morocco travel blog is a gate to read about the most interesting Moroccan traditions and customs.

Morocco travel blog

For your comfort and for you to have an advance view of Morocco, our intention as a team has been to deal with the questions often asked of tourists as a step ahead of a visit to Morocco. You ask and we answer with all credibility and pride, our only motto and our supreme service is always to provide you with as much comfortable as we can.

Our Morocco travel blog’s aim is to give you inputs about travelling and having a trip tour in Morocco, so that you can enjoy it and entertain.  We put out here some frequently asked questions to help you plan your trip to Morocco. The list covers all the information you need, in order to make your trip seamless from door to door. At this Moroccan Travel Blog, we put out some common questions to help plan your trip to Morocco.

Morocco travel blog tips and main focus

Is Morocco safe to travel to?

Undoubtedly, Morocco is a safe place to visit. It has been able to occupy a very volatile position on the list of the most safe nations that tourist can visit, and enjoy their unique scenery and qualifications. In other words, it is super safe for tourists to go wherever they want all over the kingdom of Morocco without any worries, what should be dealt and be aware of are scammers.

How are the Moroccan people?

In order to get to know how the Moroccan people are you need to get close to them. And then you will realize how friendly they are. Generosity and kindness is the meaning of life  to them. There are different kinds of people in Morocco, different races, Arabs and Berbers. They are those people who would never say no to help.

What are the things to do when visiting Morocco?

Morocco offer you the most exciting activities, which you may experience for the first time in your life. Every place in Morocco  is known for particular activities, you can do some activities in the north which does not exist in the south and vice versa. For instance, you can try camel riding in the dunes of Merzouga, as well as to quad riding in the desert. Once you go to pay a visit to the coast or the north of Morocco, you will enjoy surfing. At the atlas mounatins you can enjoy hiking, bike riding or sking in the winter season when the mountains are covered woth snow. If you are a ralley lover, the vast Moroccan Sahara gives all the entertainment  to feel like a professional relley driver.

When is the best time to visit Morocco?

The spring season and autumn season are the best time to visit Morocco. These months of the year are known by the huge flock of tourist because they avoid the freezing weather of the winter and the extremely hot sun in summer. If you plan to visit any place at the south or the southeast of the kingdom. The sun in summer is burning and the weather is hot, which means that you must take your precautions. In winter the weather is freezing in almost every corner in Morocco. In addition to the unpredicted snow falls. To sum up, the Month from March to May and from September to October is the favorable time to go to Morocco.

What is the main Moroccan food you should try?

If you ask about food in Morocco, the thing you will always hear is that Moroccan food is the best. Even there are some tourists who come particularly to Morocco to try food. Cousous, Tajine and Pastilla are what Morocco is known for and that everybody should try.