Camel rides in Morocco, camel trekking in Merzouga desert

You may have heard about camel riding and how exciting it is, and you now have a strong desire to try it. If that’s the case, we’ll give you an unforgettable experience riding camels the way you’ve always imagined, and it’s suitable for people of all ages.

Camel rides and trekking in Morocco overview:

Before we go further about Morocco camel rides let us first talk about how camel riding in Morocco appeared throughout history and how it remained proudly a part of the Moroccan culture nowadays. Back in time at the period when animals were used to transport, exporting goods South to several of Africa’s middle and south countries.

The camels were and still are the only animals that could cross the desert with no issues. That is to say, they could not drink or eat for days and months long. However, they can strongly endure the boiling hot temperature in summer as they can stand strain to the freezing weather in winter.

Mercantile men have gone along the desert in groups to trade. It was not that easy for them, in every journey they led an adventurous life sometimes near-death experiences. However, they were professionals navigating the desert with no casualties.

Now, camel riding in Morocco is a great day out, it is only for having fun and promenade with gusto, leaving the hustle and bustle of the noisy and crowded cities even for a while. Go to the desert of Merzouga, it is the right place for the best camel riding in Morocco.

We highly recommend going to the Sahara of Merzouga because riding camels in Morocco’s Merzouga desert is different from anywhere else. Now, the question that perhaps came up to your mind is; Why exactly is a camel riding in Merzouga? What’s special about it? Or maybe how camel riding there is different from elsewhere?

Why Merzouga is the best place for camel rides?

Because of the position it has, Merzouga desert is the best-liked and most enjoyed spot for tourists, the place is safe and charming, millions of people flock to it everywhere, for you as well, you should not miss to visit it when you have the chance.

Merzouga desert lies in the Southeast of Morocco, leaving Errisani City, after a few miles Merzouga village is, at first when leaving Errisani deep down the Sahara you may think no life is in there, yet you will be amazed by seeing a village overlooked from the huge dunes.

Now we will inform you how to get and what to do in Merzouga so as you get the full picture of it. In addition, you will know more and more about riding camels in the desert of Morocco. Contact us to book your Morocco camel ride.

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Morocco camel rides itinerary:

Day One Morocco camel rides: camel riding in Merzouga Dunes and Camping in the desert:

Once you arrive at the desert of Merzouga before starting any activity, you will be welcomed by Saharan’s cup of tea and it is advised to arrive early in the evening before sunset. We go to ride camels in the beautiful golden dunes of Morocco’s Merzouga desert. As though in some ways the experience is a throwback to the old days. You will feel yourself traveling back in time.

Dressing in Berbers’ costumes, they are one-piece of cloth brocaded with some symbols. Covering the face with a long tiny scarf. Berber people do it to cover their faces against the sandy winds. Also, their skin not to be burned with hot sunshine and that is how it ended up being a casual costume for them.

We will trek the huge dunes of Morocco by camel, they look like mountains in shape and height, catching amazingly the sunset. I can say and I am sure that; it will be the most stunning thing you’ve ever watched. The sun starts to feed away among the dunes, resembling a big fireball in the sky, and the whole place becomes all orange, what a romantic feeling you will have.

Definitely at the sunset the atmosphere there is being kind of romantic. After that sunset, we will go back to the camp as the Sahara turns dark at night. Then once you had dinner, you will live a real nomadic way of living. At night, the music is played by the youth as they set the fire and start dancing and singing.

You would be also lucky to see the stars in the sky like never before. There in the Sahara, every star shines like a diamond. Afterward, sleep time! you get rest to start a new big journey again the next day.

Day Two from Morocco camel rides: Merzouga Desert Tour

The second day of your Morocco camel rides is going to be as you choose because they are always more than a way to explore the desert, either we back-riding camels in the small circuit to see the Sahara, only a few tourists like it this way, or we do it with an exciting way, by Quads, Buggy Cars, and 4WD cars.

You can drive Quads and Buggy Cars by yourselves as if in Rallies, this way you will amuse driving and exploring at the same time. By the way, several agencies are hiring them at reasonable prices. The 4WD drivers are very skillful, they will drive you through the dunes in an adventurous manner, and you will yourself feel like an actor in the Mad Max movie if I may say.

They will astonish you. We will stop by some nomad families whose way of living is still very simple as in the old days, living under their giant handmade tents made of wool, we will talk to them and you can get close to them as well, they are very generous, welcoming and kind people.

Whenever you feel the energy again to move on, we are going to take you to Khamlia, a small village and home to Gnaoua. Gnaoua defines themselves as south African immigrants who settled in Morocco a long time ago and became Moroccan citizens, they live everywhere now in Morocco, especially in Essaouira.

You will enjoy their music when it is played. The words they sang carry lots of meanings about hope, love, pain, and happiness … you will be taken to have your meals in a restaurant as they are many. The day will come to its end, then we will hit the road back to Merzouga to your hotel.