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Join one of our Morocco tours from Fes to experience real Morocco. Also, with us, you can design your Fes tour..

About Fes itinerary tours:

The experience of traveling in Morocco tours from Fes. After that, various worlds and tourist destinations will give you a unique experience you never dreamt of. Through which you will be able to discover new things. In addition to that, the discovery will be coupled with untold pleasure and excitement. We will explore through Fes tours the unknown, like gardens, forests, deserts with golden sand dunes. Also, ancient and large cities.

Note about our Fes itinerary tours:

Dear customers and tourists, you can choose your Morocco tours from Fes according to your needs. Also, according to your budget. As we can change and design a Fes tour in your way, just get in touch with us.

◙ Our Fes itinerary tours:

All our Morocco desert tours from Fes include one night or two in the Sahara desert of Merzouga because it is a highlight of our Fes tours.

Morocco tours from Fes best destinations:

The first place to visit with Fes tour, Ifrane:

Fes itinerary tours first stop in Ifrane. The last mentioned is a region of outstanding and uncommon magnificence. The excellence of this city lies in the variety of scenes in a quiet climate where the virtue of the air mixes with the fragrant scents of rice and adornment to carry mysterious contacts to the spirits of guests.

The visitors and tourists imagine that they are in a Swiss city due to its architectural style, and scenic nature, making it the top attraction for tourists. Wonderful houses topped with red bricks, decorated with dangling plants. Moreover, Ifrane is also characterized by its scenic waterfalls. Also, angular waterfalls, ovens, and following waterfalls.

The visitor spends hours hiking or even cycling. It also contains one of the most beautiful sources in Africa. The source of Vettel, which provides short boat tours, it’s characterized by its cooler water, and its viral blue color.

The second place to visit with Fes tours, Cedar forest:

The Vast cedar forest locates in the middle of Morocco. Especially in the middle atlas mountains. Those full mountains of cedar trees remain a favorite area for tourists fins the winter. The snowfall gives them beauty, magic, and a rung that nature’s picnic lovers cannot resist.

It also contains the Barbarian Apes who approach tourists and visitors cautiously to feed them. In the middle of huge forests, there is a free park where people stop to relax. Nearby there is the famous Gauroud Tree, known to be the largest and the oldest cedar tree in Africa, aged over 800 years old. As you can see people are skiing during your Fes tour.


One of the top destinations to visit with Fes tours is Erfoud and rissani. The city of Erfoud is famous for its rich and versatile tourism. Also, cultural tourism, desert tourism, and therapeutic tourism. Tourism is the most important and prominent domain on which the income of this economy relies. Thus, Arfoud is rich with glamorous hotels, built architecturally with creativity, harmony, and excellence.

The most tourists who have noticed to visit this Saharan area are the ones with the greatest wealth, as it is a typical tourist town, its well-known for horseback tours.

Merzouga the highlight of our Fes itinerary tours:

In southeastern Morocco, Merzouga lies. Tourists call it the Sea of Sand. Merzouga is 120 miles away from the town of Errachidia. It has large sandy dunes, which stretch 110 kilometers square. At the top of these dunes, which are the highest in Morocco. With Fes itinerary tours, you are going to enjoy the amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Besides, you will be offered some of the exciting activities you have ever experienced such as camel riding, quad, and carts driving in the golden dunes. Also, spending the night in the calm atmosphere of the desert will reward you with tranquility and relaxation. It is the highlight of our Fes tour because of its beauty, and the activities that offersoffer to the visitors.


Foreign tourists see the city of Rissani and the areas around it as a paradise. It is not comparable to any other region in Morocco. Nature here is oddly different and homogeneous, the climate is dry desert. But water is drawn from sources in the mountains and flowing through valleys and rivers.

In addition to the many palm oases scattered across deserts with warm golden sand. The city of Erfoud has many things that are very exciting and unusual. It is definitely going to blow your mind.

Exploring the Taourirt Kasbah with Fes itinerary tours:

Currently regarded as one of the most beautiful tourist archaeological sites in southern Morocco, Taourirt Kasbah is now being exploited in tourism and culture. It is the host of many artistic and cultural activities, such as exhibitions and parties. Also, a prominent tourist shrine in the region. The canopy was strategically located at the junction of old commercial caravans.

In a ridge between two valleys: Ouarzazate valley and Dades. Because the Kasbah is located at the ridge. It has its name, Taourirt in the Amazigh language. As for the architect design the Kasbah was built. It was built of clay, hay, and wood. Its inscription is stunning as well. Fes itinerary tours will take you to visit the Kasbah tourist. The kasbahs make our Fes tours rich and you can learn more about the history, the culture of Morocco

High Atlas mountains:

With Fes itinerary tours, you will see the high Atlas mountains. The latter is one of the three major mountain ranges in Morocco. Tourists fall in love with it thank its charming nature. The mountains are huge and covered with snow from the mounts during the winter seasons until the beginning of the spring season.

The high Atlas Mountains extend to the Atlantic Ocean from the southwest and to the eastern ill border with Algeria and characterize by the high peaks and summits, Toubkal summit. It is the highest peak in the High Atlas Mountains, and it is located southwest of Morocco. Many activities can be done in the high atlas like hiking and climbing.

Moreover, you can have a look at the Berber villages and have conversations with the friendly Amazigh people. Hiking The highest peak in Morocco will take you two days. Waiting for you, long-distance walking hiking, and a lot of excitement.

With Morocco desert tours from Fes, you will discover The Middle Atlas:

Fes itinerary tours will take you through The Middle Atlas. Distinguishes these mountains from the Great Atlas, which is located in north-central Morocco. The highest peak of the range is Mount Nasser. The peak reaches over 3340 meters in height. The middle atlas is where also many beautiful cities and villages lie such as Ifrane and Azrou. The nature in the middle of Atlas is breathtaking. It will blow your mind. Also, it will astonish you with the flowing rivers, cedar forests, and water sources. It is also the best place where you can relax. Also, to entertain away from the fuss.

With Fes itinerary tours, you will discover The Ziz canyon:

To discover this remarkable region and lots of its surprises through outside sports. Take a ride towards the tracks of attractive canyons, Ziz, Amsed, Tadighoust, Assoul, or Amellago. They are referred to as one of the satisfactory mountaineering locations in the world. Also, in Ziz there is one of the largest oases in Morocco and Africa. Her sparkling palms and good foraging make her a natural asset with distinction. Ziz canyons widen, presenting a spectacular sight.

A dense canopy of palms wedged between ancient striated cliffs, which date to the Jurassic period. Not to mention that It’s worth taking some time here to explore the rich, palm groves. Book your Fes itinerary tour now.