Glamping at the Erg Chebbi Dunes in Morocco is home to the desert’s celebs.

There are many desert trips in Morocco, but Morocco Travel Itinerary offers a truly authentic Glamping in Morocco experience. The nomadic settlement is located 350 kilometers southwest of Marrakesh, in the center of the desert.

Glamping in Morocco, Merzouga desert:

The camp is tucked away amongst towering sand dunes. Eleven classic Berber-style black tents and one private suite-style structure make up the resort. A dining tent and the traditional rest area finish off the experience. In addition, the camp provides front-row seats for spectacular stargazing.

Many things contribute to the authenticity of this desert experience. The tent exteriors were handcrafted from organic leather by local artisans to keep the inside quarters warm and safe from sandstorms.

Clean white linen gives the rooms a modern feel, while the private bathrooms have a vibrant Moroccan flair. Nomadic individuals from the adjacent Berber settlements also work at Morocco travel itinerary.

The camp’s remote position in the desert adds to its uniqueness. The skyline is dominated by dunes in all directions, with only a peek of the nearest settlement visible. It is only accessible by 444 transfer outside of the majority of transportation hubs. The best glamping in Morocco.

Despite its distant location, you still have many of the conveniences of home, such as electricity and a dilemma. However, there are a few cautions to be aware of. Because WiFi isn’t available, it’s the perfect excuse to go on a digital detox. Meanwhile, alcohol is available on-site for an additional fee not included in the rate. Morocvo Travel itinerary will provide you with the best sites in Morocco for glaming.

6 days tour in Morocco, our camp

Glamping in Morocco’s Saharan Suite Experience:

Morocco travel itinerary suites is another hidden gem of the camp. At Morocco travel itinerary Dunes’ private portion debuted in October 2018. On the opposite side of a ridge, the private compound is hidden.

Four huge tents are huddled together, with Moroccan rugs separating them. The tents are made of the same organic leather, but they’re twice the size and can each accommodate up to four adults.

Within five minutes’ walking distance of the opposing camp’s main quarters, it provides more space and isolation from the hustle and activity.

Glamping in Morocco, the journey to the desert:

It’s an adventure in and of itself to get to Erg chebbi dunes, which is the best place for glamping in Morocco. Getting there by land takes a 12-hour drive from Marrakesh. Also, includes crossing the mountain chan. Though there is no evening minimum at the camp, staying at erg chebbi glamping Dunes for at least two nights is normally recommended.

Fortunately, the camp provides a variety of transportation alternatives that include stops at various destinations along the way.

There are numerous things to visit between Marrakesh and Morocco for visitors arriving by land. Tours range from one to four nights in Morocco travel itinerary. Prices for private and group tours are available.

A four-day itinerary, for example, includes visits in Ouarzazate and Todra Gorge, as well as one night in the Dades Valley and two nights in the desert. This excursion costs  995 Euros for two persons, including private transportation and a private tent.

If money isn’t an issue, guests can fly in via private jet or helicopter to Errachidia Airport (40 minutes away).

Glamping in Morocco

The Dunes Beyond:

Morocco travel itinerary agency has only recently begun to offer unique trekking opportunities. Hiking 10 miles east to west across the desert can be done on foot. After the trek, the adventure comes to a close with a sunset rappel back to camp.

Of course, no trip to the Moroccan desert is complete without a camel ride, which can be arranged at Morocco travel itinerary during your glamping in Morocco. Sand surfing, as well as ATV, fat-tire bike, and motorbike adventures, may appeal to more daring travelers.

A one-day 4WD desert tour outside of the camp takes guests to a local nomadic family and zinc mines before travelling to Khemliya for a Sudanese-style dance presentation. After lunch and a day swim in Kasbah.

The tour continues to a wild oasis before returning to camp for a sunset dune climb (55 euros). This will give you a good experience for you glamping in Morocco.

Desert adventures purchased alone or as part of the camp’s multi-day packages. Also, having the capacity to say you camped beneath the stars in the Sahara? That is invaluable.