Marrakech desert tours

Join one of our Marrakech desert tours to experience the real Morocco. Also, with us, you can plan your itinerary.

About Marrakech desert tours:

Marrakech is one of Morocco’s most spectacular cities, where our Marrakech desert tours begin. Also, it is named the Pearl of the South, and also the town features a long history. Several vital monuments were built there. Not to mention, it is a capital made in history and culture, fascinating, proud of a mixture of old and new with authentic magic.

At the arrival, that may all appear attention-grabbing, where you’ll realize snake witches. Also, crowded bazaars and vendors all over. Over time, however, discovering tourism in Marrakech city with desert tours from Marrakech to Fes is special with the unique culture that makes it a novel destination to move to.

Moreover, Marrakech city provides a sense of adventure and a vigorous atmosphere that draws guests, including a vivacious style, beautiful souvenirs. Also, historic monuments, and friendly cans. So if you’re thinking of visiting Morocco for a vacation, Marrakech is the best place to pay for your vacation with the expertise of a selective mixture of a distinctive culture. Not to mention the wonderful design, arts, and adventures that don’t compare.

You can opt for the kind of  Marrakech desert tours that supported your budget. Also, we can continuously provide you with the most effective. And our Marrakech desert tours will take you to enjoy the spectacular landscape of the resorts, as well as visit cities nearby Marrakech city. As we will do many activities to satisfy your requirements.

Note about our Marrakech desert tours:

We square measure prepared to modify and to make our Marrakech desert tours offered and designed in line with your necessities, and also to follow with your expectations. Get in touch with us for more info.

Morocco desert tours from Marrakech:

All our Marrakech desert tours include one night in the Sahara desert of Merzouga. The latter is the highlight of our Marrakech itinerary tours.

◙ Marrakech desert tours top destinations:

Explore the High Atlas mountains with Marrakech desert tours:

The High Atlas chain spans Morocco, at its highest point, the Jbel Toubkal – North Africa’s highest peak at 4,167m – dominates Toubkal National Park offers a wide choice of trekking with extraordinary flora and fauna. There are still many Berber communities who live in the Atlas Mountains and whose way of life is close to that of their ancestors.

MrrakechMarrakech desert tours give you a chance to enjoy most parts of the High Atlas mountains. The latter is to be discovered each for the variety of landscapes they host and for the sporting activities that may be practiced there. With Marrakech tours, we will take through the Tizi N’tichka pass. Also, we will be visiting an Argan oil comcooperativesprativeis. Passing by the Atlas mountains will blow your mind during your Marrakech desert tour.

Visit the Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou with Marrakech tours:

Marrakech desert tours will take you to The historic Kasbah of Ait ben Haddou within South-East Morocco. Its buildings are erected in what sounds like a fortified castle. Also, to the natural décor of the motion-picture photography of the many international films and series. Maybe the foremost renowned of that is that the renowned series « Game of Thrones » when maintains its field believability on the heights commanding the valleys.

Although several of the homes of The Ait Ben Haddou Palace in Ouarzazate province are reworked into retailers showcasing ancient trade merchandise. It’s preserved its distinctive and engaging design to embrace the depiction of traditionally. Also, legendary works. Book your desert tour from Marrakech now for a memorable experience.


Rissani is one of Marrakech desert tours best traditional places, and to learn about the kingdom of Morocco. It is located in an important palm grove in the center of Tafilalet. The city is 17 km south of Erfoud, in the valleys of Ziz. It is an agricultural center with a production of fruits and dates, in the process of becoming, with Erfoud and Merzouga, a center of adventure tourism and desert. In the encompassing space, there are several Kasbahs built with clay, a mirrored image of the manner of a lifetime of the inhabitants of this region. Several trails cross the realm for all-terrain enthusiasts.

It is curious to go to the palm groves and therefore the Rhetaras, an ancient system of irrigation water physical phenomenon. Due to its proximity, you’ll be able to visit, by road, throughout the day, the dunes of Merzouga and to the north the valleys of Ziz, and Rheris, with the cities of Erfoud and Errachidia. Not to mention that you will explore the very traditional market in Rissani with our Marrakech desert trips.

Marrakech desert trips takes you to Ouarzazate:

Our Marrakech desert tours will take you to Explore Ouarzazate. The latter is characterized by its beautiful natural landscape. Also, it’s embedded by the mountain range and oases packed with palm trees. And though, it’s the foremost vital town inside the Moroccan desert and has gained international fame thanks to the picture taking of international films.

Moreover, Ouarzazate is associated with the Amazigh word which means without noise. It’s called also Bab Sahara, the door of the desert. Also, known as Hollywood of Africa, and conjointly the city is historically noted for having an important strategic location. Thanks to its industrial place between the South and therefore the North as a result it may be a site to satisfy altogether totally different cultures. Arrange your Marrakech desert tour with a Morocco travel itinerary agency or a great desert trip from Marrakech.

Dades valley:

Your Marrakech desert tour includes a stop at the Dades Valley. The latter is considered one of the foremost stunning areas of the Atlas mountains. We pass the notable gorges of Toudgha (pronounce Todra). Dubbed the Moroccan Grand Canyon. It is one of the most grandiose sites in Morocco where the film Lawrence of Arabia was shot. Imagine vertiginous cliffs of pink stone that fall at a peak on a slender passageway wherever the Todgha stuff flows.

The road now runs on the watercourse Dadès that feeds a series of oases, gardens, and palm groves. It is the valley of the thousand Kasbahs, silhouettes hanging from the mountains like citadels of land. These large homes or palaces enclosed by four towers are usually headed by a stork nest. The very inexperienced plots of vegetable gardens are enclosed by an arid and desert mountain with red and ochre rocks.

Merzouga the highlight of our Marrakech tours:

Merzouga Sahara desert is the best part of our Marrakech desert tours. It is located south-east of Morocco. As it is about 50 and 40 kilometers from Erfoud and Rissani, two small cities within the same territory, respectively, and about 20 kilometers from the Moroccan-Algerian border. In Merzouga, the hills and sand dunes appear to be in a state of constant formation and transformation, with no regard for geographical boundaries between countries. Only desert sand and wind can transcend borders and barriers that separate countries.

The tourist stands dazzled by the view of these dunes and sand mounds, which turn into moving waves. And the glamour gets even hotter when the sunset or sunrise. Also, when the tourist buries his body in the hot sand, or the experience of sleeping in the sandy clear turns into a personal joy that doesn’t happen again. During the day is deposited with a sun-thrilling sunset, and the day is greeted with a fun and wonderful sunrise.

Marrakech desert tours will take you to Ifrane:

Marrakech desert tours gives you the chance to blow in on Ifrane. Ifrane is one of the only places to fancy the fragile weather. In winter and fall, the period when the city knows a huge flock, the city jointly sees demand from foreign tourists. For skiing, there’s over one winter stop for the sport, such as Michellifen, which has resorts and restaurants, and a beginner’s ski coaching service. Also, through the spring the engaging city is attractive in its inexperienced look, bright spring colors, whereas jointly accessible round the city lovely roaring waterfalls.

With Marrakech desert tours, you will discover the cedar forest:

Cedar forests of Morocco stay the tourists’ favorite area, particularly in winter. It’s pretty, attractive, and stylish for nature lovers. The perennial Gouraud cedar tree, despite the diseases

that snort from within, continues to lift high towards the sky and its roots are clinging to rock bottom. During a scene at intervals that it looks to tell the surrounding bushes equally as visitors’ memories of the glory of the past and a drawn-out history.

Guests unit constantly within the winter and summer sinking the monkey of Morocco or the vulnerable Atlas monkey. Approach the guests cautiously. To visit this place, and Ifrane you will need to book a Marrakech desert tour that ends in Fes.