Morocco desert tours

Experience the real Morocco with the Morocco desert tours. Also, you can customize your Morocco desert tour.

About Morocco desert tours:

Morocco has many cities that have International airports where you can start your Morocco desert tours such as Marrakech, Casablanca, and Fes. And at Morocco Travel Itinerary we offer all Morocco desert tours that can start from any city in Morocco. Not to mention that we have a standard, luxury, deluxe luxury option. Also, private tours, and small shared group tours.

Morocco is a wonderful destination for a uniquely romantic journey. Also, one of the best places in the world to enjoy the best coasts. Furthermore, to learn about new cultures among the most beautiful markets. As well, as to taste the most traditional food, or to visit the country’s historical architecture. Below, we will present you with some places to visit with our Morocco desert tours, either you come to enjoy your trip alone, couple, or with family.

Morocco is a good place for everybody. Morocco Travel Itinerary agency will accompany you during your travel to Morocco. Also, we guarantee you that you will always enjoy your time with us. Not to mention, that you will see the most beautiful cities and landmarks, which tourists from all over the world fall in love with.

Morocco desert tours:

Our Morocco desert tours below are customized and planned by our team. The following desert tours have been arranged for you to visit some of the best sites.

What do our Morocco desert tours offer?

Family Tours

As the saying goes; “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything”. Our Morocco desert tours agency understands what family means for everybody. Therefore, that is why we will manage to offer you the best family travel tours all over Morocco. Safety first then comes beautiful things, we are going to take you to see the spectacular views of nature. Also, to vibrant cities, old cities, and breathtaking landmarks.

Let your kids witness the history in Fes, the tradition in Marrakech, the sand dunes in the vast Sahara of Merzouga. Not to mention, the beautiful beaches in the coastal cities, the huge mountains in the Atlas region, and what’s left in the Romans’ empire in Volubilis.

There is much more to see and to experience with very reasonable prices. Below, are some places and activities to enjoy as a family whenever you travel to Morocco. Our drives are under your orders. They can come and pick you up from one of the international airports, or any meeting place in Morocco.

Couples tours

If you are a couple or just married, and you would love to take her or him on a romantic desert tour over Morocco, we are going to site you the most beautiful places you can go to. These places provide you with an amazing experience, where your love will be strengthened like never before.

Morocco travel itinerary agency is concerned to assure your grace. Also, we are going to do the best we can for your safety and comfort. As we hire the most experienced guides and drivers in this field. Below are some places, and activities you can enjoy as a couple.

Solo traveler tours

Are you alone and you want to enjoy your holidays? You have just found what you are looking for. Male or female, you can travel with confidence. Morocco Travel Itinerary agency is your best destination. We are going to award you with the maximum of joy, comfort, and a successful experiment to explore Morocco.

Our Morocco desert tours team is going to with you starting from picking you up in one of the international airports till the end of the trip. Now, here is what you can do and see in Morocco. Below, we are going to present you with some tips about where to go to Morocco and even how to spend your holidays perfectly.

Some places to visit with Morocco desert tours as a family:

Morocco offers its visitors and tourists more than 1,800 miles on the coast to play many water sports. Kite surfing is popular on the shores of Dakhla, and Essaouira. You are going to enjoy a kind of relaxation and recreation in a resort along the Mediterranean coast, from Tangier to Hoceima, and Saidia. The resort of Mogador in Essaouira is a good example.

Hiking in Marguril Gardens:

Hiking in Marguril Gardens, a desert mirage of five continents is located in the heart of the gardens. The Berber Creek displays a rich panorama of indigenous by offering about 600 artifacts and stores for the sale of blue slippers, textiles, and Amazigh or Berber jewelry.

It was built in the 16th century by Sultan Ahmed al-Mansour El Dhabi. Not to mention that it was destroyed by Sultan Moulay Ismail and the materials were transported to the city of Meknes.

With Morocco desert tours you will visit the Roman city of Volubilis:

Among the places that you shouldn’t miss while visiting Morocco with your lovely family is the ruined Roman city of Volubilis. The latter is located in downtown Meknes. Only 30 km far away from the center city f Meknes. The most distinctive of these is the beautiful mosaics preserved on the site. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

While heading to the west of Morocco, especially to the biggest city of Casablanca, the Hassan II is worth a visit. The famous and iconic Mosque is located on a prominent outcrop with 210-meter-high stone and hand-carved vaults with intricate marble floors and mosaic-decorated rice roofs. Also, one of the largest mosques in Africa with a capacity of 105,000 serums.

Morocco desert tours will take to Fes:

Fes is no exception. The historical city is considered as one of the most beautiful cities not just in Morocco but in the whole world. Also, there is no doubt that it is also one of the oldest worldwide. Wandering through the tanneries of Fez. The tannery is one of Morocco’s hallmarks since the 16th century. It is remarkable to see the physical work of leather tanning before it goes to elegant leather goods.

The process of tanning leather in Fez has not changed significantly over the ages. As it still follows the traditional and manual method and uses natural materials. Actually, there is much more to see in Fez besides the tanneries, and it is an occasion for your family to know about the first university in the world. Which is neither Cambridge University nor Oxford, the university of Al-Quaraouin, founded by a woman Fatima Lfihriya.

Places to visit in Morocco as a couple:

With Morocco desert tours you will explore Casablanca:

Casablanca is not just a dream or a fantasy in movies. Also, it’s a real city on the northwest coast of Africa. The white city is one of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations for a special holiday around Morocco’s largest port. And the most beautiful tourist features. Not to mention an international gateway for many airlines. In addition, you’ll find a variety of hotels for all budgets within the city and near the beach, which means accommodation and rest.


For couples looking for the most beautiful beaches for their honeymoon. They can head to the city of Essaouira, which is just over 200 miles along the coast from Casablanca. Also, they call it coastal paradise, including pristine beaches and white sand beaches that stretch over six long miles, and in the shrine, you’ll find relaxation, romance, entertainment.


Marrakech offers couples the diversity of the best honeymoon sites in Morocco. Perhaps the main square of Marrakech Square, and the Jamaa of El Fna are one of the best sites in the world to learn about new cultures. As well as the old downtown, which takes visitors to the old world in time with storytellers, snake magicians, and street musicians.

In the vicinity of Jamaa El Fna, you’ll find some of the best markets in Morocco, where you can buy spices, textiles, and carpets for a special honeymoon, as well as stay in one of the old city’s kindergartens, or traditional houses with a central garden, a distinctive character that gives your journey more pleasure and comfort.

Our Morocco desert tours will take you to Tangier:

When spending the honeymoon in Morocco, Tangier is a city surrounded by a lively culture and a vibrant nightlife, combining a mix of Arab – Islamic and Western influences through art, architecture, food, and music. Along the coast of Tangier, tourist resorts will find the ideal for honeymoon and relaxation among all Moroccan sites, and culture lovers can visit historical sites and eat romantic meals in legendary restaurants and cafes in Tangier.

With our Morocco desert tours you will explore the Atlas mountains:

The Atlas Mountains are one of the best honeymoon treasures in Morocco, allowing visitors to travel camp and enjoy fresh air between high peaks and the shadow of wonderful valleys, and perhaps the landscape in this distinctive bouquet will allow you to take the most beautiful, romantic images that will remain in your honeymoon memories for the next several

Places to visit as a solo traveler with Morocco desert tours:

One day in Chefchaouen:

Chefchaouen is the most important destination in northern Morocco. The whole city was painted in varying shades of blue and is said to have a magical power to repel mosquitoes. The city was founded in 1471 in an attempt to fight the Portuguese invasion of Northern Alger. It was not until 1956 that Chafchaouen was returned after Morocco was liberated from Spanish colonialism.

The city is small, and you will be able to tour the city within a day, so we had time to climb Mount Chefchaouen Head Flag to see this blue city. Although the entire city is rich in colors, some of the most visited areas are Suika, Bab al-Saur, and rural Alspanin.

Two days in Fes:

Fez is the oldest city in the Kingdom of Morocco, with its history extending to the 13th century. From its magnificent palaces to religious sacraments, the city is often called the « Mecca of the West. » Craftsmen and artists spread through maze-like bazaars. Start visiting the Royal Palace of Fez today.

While the interior of the palace gardens could not be reached, the magnificent gates were worth visiting.  Move after visiting the palace across town towards the ax of the ballet. This old wall provides a great view of the entire city. Although it is not difficult to find, it is strongly recommended that the tour guide be used there. The sprawling streets and the constant crowding of Fez were confusing.

Two nights in Merzouga desert:

There are no words to describe the incredible experience of the time we will spend in the desert for the whole night. The sky is spotted with stars, with light juices and Moroccan food in our tent, barbarians accompanying us that night, and conversations between us. You are going to love it so much. Despite the coldness of the night, the place with its distinctive atmosphere is worth the time, chatting until the early morning hours.

You must pass the rice forest, the port of Medalet, Errachidia, and Wadi Ziz towards Arfoud, the city where we stayed in the desert, follow this final itinerary! You may not be able to describe how different the scenery and weather are between different Moroccan regions. At one point, you’ll find snow in the winter season – covered mountains behind you as you head to the far desert!

There is nothing that will catch your attention more than the sunset in the sand dunes, and spending the fourth night in the middle of the desert with some barbarians is awesome. They were the lucky ones who danced all night. At night, it is completed with millions of stars and camel groups next to our tent.

Half a day in Ouarzazate:

Films such as Lawrence Arabia and The Mummy were filmed in this area. Ouarzazate is also called the Hollywood of Africa. The filming area remains intact, and there are many tourists throughout the area that you can meet. Moreover, you are going to see the historical Kasbahs, like the famous Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou.

we will have a chance and enough time to go inside. do it and explore the city! By noon, our Morocco Travel Itinerary agency is going to take you to the Crown Jewel of Morocco – Marrakech.

Three days in Marrakesh, Morocco:

Marrakesh, Morocco is more vibrant than you think compared to any other city. An alive city, Living day and night, through thousands of artists, discussing henna, musicians, tourists, and vendors walking around downtown. There were countless eateries.

You’ll find downtown Western cafes, traditional Moroccan tea shops, Chinese, curry, and steaks… All you can imagine! There are certainly competing markets in Marrakech markets. One of my favorite places is Barry’s Pizza, located only on the outskirts of the courtyard (Main Square). Margarita pizza is amazing!

With Morocco desert tours you will spend one day in Essaouira:

Essaouira is one of Morocco’s best tourist attractions, not only because it’s a great city to get rid of the heat and well–being of the big city lifestyle, but also because it’s where the third season of Game of Thrones was launched.
And what makes it more popular is that in the 1960s, this coastal city was a popular coastal place for celebrities like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley.

When we take you to Essaouira you can walk around the city or walk along the wall to enjoy great views of the Atlantic, Exploring fences, you can go horse riding or surfing and surf with sailing wings, and if possible, attend the Gnawa World Music Festival. Book your Morocco desert tours with us.