Morocco private desert tours

Experience the true and excitement of Morocco by joining one of our Morocco desert private tours.

Morocco private desert tours

With our Morocco private desert tours, you will uniquely explore the Sahara desert, with the greatest services, more comfort. Also, a reliable orientation. Not to mention that you will discover extraordinary destinations you never imagined were feasible. Morocco private desert tours provide custom luxury holiday packages for honeymooners, families, and others. With certified Sahara and city tour guides, we have a passion for Morocco and are ready to assist you in planning your private luxury vacation in Morocco.
Book your Morocco private desert tour to visit the best destinations that morocco has to offer. Many of the city’s attractions are only a few hours away. We urge you to have a look at our popular private desert tours below and pick the one that will be the holiday of a lifetime for you.

Morocco private tours from Marrakech

The red city is one of Morocco’s most dynamic, colorful, and intriguing cities. And it’s the ideal location for private desert tours to the Sahara desert area, particularly to experience the vast Sahara desert. Below are some of our Marrakech Sahara desert trips, you can pick the one that suits your needs.

Best parts of Morocco desert private tours:

Camel trekking in Merzouga:

Camels are one of the animals that we often see when you visit Morocco for sightseeing. They are utilized as a mode of transportation for the nomads that live in the desert, or the Atlas mountains. Camel rides are one of Morocco’s most popular things to do, especially on Erg Chebbi dunes.

Taking a camel ride during a private desert tour to Morocco is a unique and fun way to see parts of the country that are off the beaten path. Most people have never ridden a camel before; are you up for the challenge? Getting on the camel and getting used to being over two meters off the ground throughout the ride will be one of your first adventures. Camels have been trained and are so gentle, so don’t be scared – they’ll be your friend!

Kasbahs in Morocco:

Kasbahs are ancient Berber structures. It was just an environment where people could defend themselves not just from invaders and attacks, but also from sandstorms and extreme cold, which may kill cattle. For instance, it had to be a fortress with thick walls. Because the layout is frequently square, buildings with tall thick walls are typically found at the sides.

The Kasbah‘s majestic mansions contain a huge space for greeting visitors – which was traditionally reserved for men. As well as a corral for the livestock on the bottom floor.

Traditional Moroccan architecture includes kasbahs. They’re fashioned of adobe bricks (made of clay, manure, and straw) that can last for years after being dried in the sun. On the outside, there might be some Moroccan-inspired features and modest windows.

Ouarzazate is one of Morocco’s most well-preserved Kasbahs. The Kasbah Taouirt is a convoluted maze of corridors that reflects the way of life of ancient populations. Not to mention that the famous kasbah ait ben haddou, which is 30 km from Ouarzazate. Also the Kasbah telouat and the Amridil Kasbah. Our Morocco private desert tours will give you the best visit of those Kasbahs. And if you would like to visit them all, you will have to book a trip of 4 days or 5 days that starts from Marrakech and ends in the same city.

The Kasbah des Oudaias, a 12th-century fortress in Rabat, is a must-see. It was abandoned for several centuries until being resurrected in the 18th century as the country’s current capital, Rabat. The Oudaias Kasbah is one of our places to visit with Our Morocco private tours from Casablanca.

Imperial cities of Morocco:

The four royal towns of Morocco, Marrakech, the historical town Fes, the capital of Morocco Rabat, and Meknès, all these towns provide visitors the opportunity to blow their minds in their labyrinthine medinas. All the medinas have been designated as Unesco World Heritage Sites. With its castles, medersas, and mosques, the Amazigh and Arab culture.

Todra Gorges and Dadès Valley:

The Todra and Dades Gorges are two rocky canyons famed among visitors and climbers, are two of the most beautiful scenery in Morocco. These two canyons arise in the center of the High Atlas mountains; one in Dades and the other in Tinghir. If you would like to have a Todra, or Dades gorge climbing adventure, let us know while booking your private desert tour in Morocco.

Also, both gorges are found in the valleys of the Dadès and Todra rivers (the latter is seasonal), two natural passages that meander north-south between the Atlas Mountains, eventually converging in consecutive rivers that fall into the Atlantic. The city of Ouarzazate, sometimes known as the “Door to the Desert,” is located along the rivers.

The Dades Gorge on the western side and the Todra Gorge on the eastern side runrunning parallel to each other. Let’s get to know them a little better with Our Morocco desert private tours.